A printed marquee drags attention and attracts prospects. You can also use graphics in personalising your canopy and other sides of the wall as well. These units are made from 600D polyester with waterproof PVC coating. This provides enough shade and protection. In your marquee kit, you’ll find steel pins, a dust cover and tie-down straps.

Marquees have become excellent marketing tools used by companies in business promotion. They serve as effective branding and marketing tools, and the best way to do this is by making prints on the marquees.

Businesses and brands can print their designs, taglines and logos to display their products on them. Marquees have become a trend in marketing and brand display at events because of their captivating features.

There are a set of instructions for you to follow in the instruction manual. Ensure all marquee parts are in good condition before you start the setup.

Do’s and don’ts of printed marquees:

  • Ensure the dust cover is removed from the marquee before set up.
  • If there are wheels on your marquee, make sure the brakes are in the proper position.
  • Don’t drag the parts of a marquee or walk over it.
  • Avoid using stick adhesives on your marquee walls.
  • Check the heating units and make sure they aren’t facing the walls and roof of the marquee.
  • Avoid lighting fire close to a marquee.

Marquee Setup Instructions


  1. Grab the lower frame from the two sides and open a little.
  2. Hold one leg and pull out the frame extension, about three-fourth.

Attaching the Roof

  1.  Place the roof fabric above the extended frame.
  2. Attach the fastener on top of the marquee, close to the legs.
  3. Adjust the roof centre and secure the cap with strings.

Raising the roof

  1. Slide under the open structure and grab the truss bars. To do this, you’ll require the assistance of two people.
  2. Since only three-fourth of the frame was earlier opened, unfold it completely.
  3. Lift the various connectors till the pins get locked securely in position.
  4. Connect the clips on all sides and get the straps around the frame, attaching the roof to the top.

Adjusting height

  1. Extend the legs of the marquees to the height you want.
  2. Move the front legs of the marquee to any height you want.


Securing the frame

  1.  Secure the pole legs in position using weight plates made of heavy-duty steel, sandbags or steel pins in your kit.

Instructions for disassembling

Follow the steps mentioned above in reverse order to dismantle the marquee. Put these components carefully in their various bags to prevent damage. Avoid muddy areas when folding the roof and walls.

Custom Printed Marquees

It’s often difficult to stand out in the crowd. This is the case, especially when you’re outside with lots of people in other booths also craving the attention of passersby, just like you. The use of custom printed marquees is the best way to ensure you get noticed.

You can also use your images to create an excellent printed marquee, or you get a new image. It is essential to consider what is on your marquee. Checking your tent layout is another crucial factor to put into consideration. These are in various types. You can either enclose the sides of the marquee using fabric panels at different heights or leave the four sides open. Fabric panels and design canvases can also be added to your frame.