The world is aspiring to go green, and the solar panel companies are under pressure to meet the growing demand for solar panel systems for homes and so is the demand for solar panel installation technicians. The hurdle is; how do you identify qualified solar installation technicians from quirks? It is hard to tell whether a solar panel technician is qualified or not but here are a few hints and tips that can help customers whittle down to the most qualified technicians to handle their home solar panel installation.


The solar industry is quickly changing and you can expect quite a lot of changes within a year. These changes are what keep solar panels to be a quite competitive industry compared to other forms of power production. A good solar technician must keep tabs on the latest trends in the power generation industry. It requires that a good solar panel technician regularly upgrades their knowledge and reads solar-related news to understand what is new in the constantly changing solar panel industry. Being tech-savvy allows them to be ahead of the curve and not fall behind in technological trends. New inverters that worked before might not work with other sets or if you bought the latest versions of inverters, your technician must be privy to them.

Attention to detail

The solar installation process requires the installers to pay keen attention to details because you expect these panels to serve your home for over twenty-five years. Careless installers who may not pay attention to details will cause you to request frequent repairs that are costly and unnecessary. If the solar panels are not correctly installed, you will not get the full potential of power generated that can meet all the needs of a household. Solar panel installation is a huge investment that a homeowner must expect a return on investment besides being environment friendly. Technicians who make lots of mistakes during solar panel installation won’t last for long in the industry, since solar panels come with warranties that are costly to the solar panel companies.

Understand electrical systems

Most homes convert existing electrical systems to use solar-generated power. Your solar technician should fully understand electrical systems and ascertain whether they are compatible or not and give recommendations where necessary for example upgrades or downgrades where necessary. Like any other power generator, solar panel technicians must master electrical diagrams and translate them to actual systems in your home.

A good communicator

Solar panel technicians travel distances for work. And since solar panel demands are widespread and cut across the country, they should have good communication skills to allow them to interact with customers and teammates. Communication can make or break a project, there must be seamless communication between bosses, workmates and site owners.

Willingness to go an extra mile

Installing solar panels can present a lot of challenges especially if you don’t take the time to enlighten the site owners about the technical aspects of a solar panel system. The willingness to educate the consumers about the benefits and other technical aspects of a solar panel installation will make work easier and more seamless. A technician should be willing to teach the site owners a few tips for troubleshooting solar systems. And finally, as more homes go green, more solar panel installation demands grow high, and consumers must have some tips for selecting the best technicians.

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