When deciding on which residential architect to hire in Sydney, you need to interview at least one whom you have short listed. An interview with an architect is pretty important. It allows you to make the crucial decision of whether you should be hiring them or not. Keep the following in mind to conduct a successful interview.

Talk it over

You get a chance to meet an architect who might be the one developing and designing your home. Make sure you make the most of it. Since you would be working with the architect for a long time you need to hire someone who is on the same wavelength as you are.

Make sure you set aside at least an hour for the interview. If you decide to meet the architect personally, you would be invited to their office. You could even ask the interview to be conducted on the site of your new home. Be sure o ask the architect to how you pictures and slides of past projects which they have handled. You might be charged a nominal amount of fee for the interview.

When interviewing make sure to ask the following questions

  • How busy is the firm at the moment
  • Do they have time to take on another project like yours?
  • If yes, how soon can they complete it so you could move in?
  • Do they have a specific design policy?
  • How open are they to suggestions made by clients? Are they willing to work along your ideas?
  • Get to know how much would they charge for a project similar to yours? This is helpful for you when setting a budget.

If during the interview there are certain things which you need to ask, don’t feel shy. It’s alright to talk about what you desire and the outcomes which you wish to see. It helps put your ideas into perspective and the architect can then design a home plan based on what your demands are.

When finally deciding whether you want to hire Sydney based architects you would be faced with a major decision. Your decision would be the most crucial one because a home is normally a onetime investment. Choose your architect carefully. Get to know if they have a good reputation. Whether they are skilled and experienced and last but not the least whether they are known to complete projects on time or not.

The architect could charge you either on an hourly basis or they might charge you on the complete project. Half of which you have to pay during the start and the rest when the project is completed. Different architects have a different way of approaching a project. Make sure you know what is expected of you.

Make sure you get everything down in writing. This means that you both sign an agreement which mentions the services, the schedule and the complete budget of the project.