Electrical Contractors Canberra

Hiring the right person for the job

If you are looking for an electrical contractor in Canberra, chances are you want to hire someone with the most experience. You only hire electrical contractor when the work is detailed and intricate. Whether yours is a commercial or residential project you need to hire an electrical contractors in Canberra who does top quality work. When choosing an electrical contractor make sure to ask them the following questions.

Do they have workers compensation coverage? Do they have a license?

This is one of the most important questions to ask an electrical contractor. However, any contractor who hesitates in answering this question should raise a red flag. After all, a contractor is responsible for the people who work under them and if they don’t carry a workers compensation maybe you shouldn’t be hiring them. In case there is a mishap the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the home owner if the contractor isn’t covered.

Are their licenses up to date?

Not everyone who advertises as being an electrical contractor is registered or licensed. Even if it’s a small project you don’t need to be too relaxed. It is a matter of safety and one which should be looked into carefully. There are latest code requirements which all contractors should be aware of. A contractor who performs quality work always makes sure that they are in touch with all the latest developments and changes in the code of conduct for electrical work. A contractor who adheres to the code and have a current license is the person you should be hiring.

What kind of experience do they have?

If you are looking to get a few simple projects handled by an electrician maybe you wouldn’t consider experience as being quite important. However when it comes to completely rewiring your home or adding cables from scratch, you need someone who has the experience to carry out such sensitive and critical work.

Also an experienced contractor would be able to train the apprentices under them to the best of their ability. All experienced contractors need to complete at least five years working as an apprentice for handling commercial work and at least three years for residential work.

An apprentice under goes both class room training as well as on the job experience. It is only after rigorous training and projects a person can become a certified electrician. Plus they need to keep themselves updated on all latest changes and developments in the codes for electricians.

Are they working locally?

It is always a good idea to hire a contractor who works locally. This way you have access to them easily. If you want to meet them or perhaps call them over for checking a particular issue, it’s quite helpful. Also they make sure to hire locally so they know who exactly would be well suited for the kind of job you require. It’s more about working within the circle and knowing all the right people.

Solar Panels Installations in Sydney

What You Should Know About Solar Panels Sydney

Solar panels Sydney are your next solution to cutting down on your energy bills. As times goes, you will expect the electricity bills to go up even though you cut down your monthly consumption. The current economy calls for a higher price in any power unit you consume; thus a need to install a solar panel for your home, office and/or factory.

Are you planning to install a solar panel for commercial or home use? Here are some things that you should know.

Determine Your Energy Needs

Your energy need is a key factor in determining the size of the solar panel to be installed in your premises. You can easily determine your consumption by looking through your most recent energy bills. The best solar panels Sydney suppliers will help you check the amount of electricity you consume and at what time you consume the most.

You will need a large solar panel system if your consumption is high. Investing in a small-sized solar panel will not be economical if you are a large consumer. A small system is suitable for home use where there are fewer appliances that need to be powered.

Work within Your Budget

Price is a major determining factor when shopping for a solar panel in Sydney. The size and the number of panels needed, your location, roof access, materials, height, and the type of the system determine the price. Shop around to get a solar supplier who will guide you on the requirements and still work around your budget.

There are a number of solar panels manufacturers in Sydney supplying different kinds of solar panels. Get a supplier who will meet your requirements and still offer reasonable prices.

Site Survey

As much as it’s good to go by manufacturer’s instructions, getting a solar technicians advice is recommended. Whereas you will get installation manual giving instructions for ideal situations, a technician will be able to adjust some measurements to suit your needs. The best solar panels technicians in Sydney will advise on the tilted frames to buy if you were to get the most from the sun.

To come up with a plan that will enable you to get the best angle of the sun, by-pass obstacles like trees and buildings; a site survey before purchasing the solar panel is mandatory.

Always Ask Questions

The best solar panels should serve you for a long time. Get a technician who will answer all your questions to your satisfaction. A faulty installation or getting a panel that is not suitable for will make you inquire a great loss.

A solar panel company that outlines all costs upfront should be considered as a genuine company. Avoid a company that does not give self-explanatory quotes as they might be hiding some information from you.

Install Only What You Require

Having your power consumption determined will give you an approximate of the generated energy you require. You will find that the more panels you acquire the more money you pay. Only install what you require as reselling the panels might be impossible with most people preferring new panels.

After a site survey and selection of the preferred solar panel, make the most of the system by consuming all power generated.

Solar panel systems have become popular with most people in Sydney looking for alternatives energy to use. You will save a lot on your energy bills as solar panels are a onetime investment. Get the best solar panels Sydney Company to install the systems for you to have the job done right at the beginning.

Tips to Hiring the Best Electrician

Top 6 Tips to Hiring the Best Electrician in Toowoomba

Electricians are required whenever electrical work has to be carried out. It is imperative that a professional carries out all electrical work in your house or business. If it goes beyond changing a light bulb, it is best to have a professional electrician in Toowoomba carry out the service.

A lot of risk is associated with handling electricity and if not properly done, it can cause major damage through fires. The benefits of using a professional electrician in Toowoomba can therefore not be overemphasised.

How then do you hire the best electrician in Toowoomba? Here are some essential tips to use to narrow down all the electricians Toowoomba and electrical companies to pick only the best:

License and Insurance

The first thing you should look for is whether the electrician is licensed to operate in Toowoomba. A license indicates to you that the electrician has undergone the required training, including practical work.

Also, ask for insurance. Make sure the policy is up to date and has not expired. With these two requirements met, you can trust the services the electrician Toowoomba offers.


In terms of qualifications, electricians will be different. Whereas some have studied different electrical fields, others have a masters. Using an electrician with high qualifications in Toowoomba ensures you receive only the best services.

It also guarantees workmanship, making it top notch. Also, qualified master electricians give a warranty of one year on their workmanship.

Proficiency in Energy Efficiency

Most homeowners and business owners like to minimise energy costs. Energy costs keep rising as the demand for energy continues to increase. Therefore, it is imperative to consider hiring electricians in Toowoomba with accreditation in energy efficiency.

Such an electrician is able to use energy efficient technologies and appliances to help you save costs in the long run.


It is important that the electrician has experience in offering the services you need. This is especially true when the services you need are specialized electrical services. Experience also determines how quickly and efficiently the electrician can handle your job.

References and Testimonials

Websites have made it easy to find out how a business performs, providing reviews and testimonials their previous customer have given them. Look at the reviews left online to get a feel of how a business operates. Ask the electrician Toowoomba if they have any references they can give you of people they have offered their services to before.


The cheapest quote is not always the best and it’s important to get value for your money. Compare at least three quotes from different electricians in Toowoomba to get quality electrical services. The comparison can give you a good idea of the best professional offering value for your money. You’ll also get to know the electricians you must avoid at all costs.

You can work with an individual electrician or a company. If you are working with a company be on the lookout for a good reputation.