Is earning a Certificate III in business a good career move?

A Certificate III in Business is the gateway for people wanting to know how business works in Australia. The course offers two flexible options: online classes at your pace or a face-to-face classroom setting.

Whatever the choice, learning to move up to a management position, manage a business, and work well as a team member is some of the benefits offered by a Certificate III in Business.

Yet, is earning a Certificate III in Business a good career move? The reasons below help you determine whether it’s the right career move or not:

A wide range of job roles

A Certificate III in Business is required in many job roles, including:

  • Supervisor
  • Payroll officer
  • Call Centre team leader
  • Administrator
  • Clerk
  • Data entry operator
  • Coordinator
  • Receptionist
  • Customer service

Skilled and qualified office support staffs are always a popular job role for many offices and industries in Australia. It has been seen that moderate growth is experienced by people opting to get a Certificate III in Business with an average take-home weekly pay of $1073.

Offer a great gateway for more senior business opportunities

Earning the certificate allows you to start working as well as provide a gateway for further studies. From a Certificate III in Business, you can move on to:

  • The BSB50215 Diploma of Business provides advanced business skills, allowing you to move on to job titles such as program coordinators, executive officers, and program consultants. A broader range of business job roles is there as soon as earn this degree.
  • The BSB40215 Certificate IV opens more senior roles with the elements learned such as being able to produce work documents of high quality, identify and manage business risks, organise business meetings, and skills in making business travel arrangements.

Paves the way for you to become an excellent administrator

Preparing you to do different administration roles are the basic knowledge and skills taught in a Certificate III in Business course. Some of the skills developed by the course include:

  • The right communication skills to apply in a business setting
  • Effective customer service
  • Create computer-based documents such as presentations, reports, and more
  • Knowledge about processes and procedures to follow in the workplace

Learn the right application of work safety and health rules in the workplace

One of the important work laws in Australia is the protection of the safety and health of workers in the workplace. Workplaces are kept safe by following the legislation of the various states of Australia concerning work regulations, codes, and laws.

Keeping up with the safety laws is part of the studies included in the course. Being aware of the risks and hazards in the workplace helps you to understand what you need to do in case it happens.

The certificate is recognised anywhere in Australia

The Certificate III in Business is nationally recognised by many offices and industries in Australia. It means that earning the certificate allows you to work anywhere in the country.

The flexibility offered by Certificate III in Business helps you to set the pace of your learning. The multiple benefits provided by the certificate ensure a bright future for people opting to take this career path. Contact us at Skill360 to know more.

Information on sandstone blocks

A sandstone block is a natural block that exists in deserts beneath the sand. They can also be found on beaches. Sandstone blocks are utilised for a variety of applications because of their versatility. Sandstone blocks have gained popularity in the building and construction purposes for decades.

Some companies have decided to extract these precious stones and make them available in the market. They have all the necessary permits that allow them to mine sandstone blocks for commercial purposes.

Benefits of using sandstone blocks

They are durable – sandstone is a natural resource and can last for an extended period.

They are beautiful – they help shape the landscape and give an exquisite feeling of the surrounding.

They are versatile – they can be utilised for many applications. Therefore, if you buy more than you require, the rest can be used for other purposes that will make your home look fantastic.

They are weatherproof – being a natural stone; it can withstand harsh weather conditions that would otherwise destroy other forms of materials.

Low rate of water absorption – they have a lower rate of water intake and quickly dry. Therefore, it cannot be damaged by extreme water conditions.

Low maintenance costs – sandstone blocks have little maintenance costs since they are naturally occurring resources and can withstand all the poor conditions subjected to them for a longer time.

Applications of sandstone blocks

There are several applications of sandstone blocks. Some are as follows;

They can be used in house foundation, and stone walls – huge blocks of sandstone can be used in building foundations to provide a firm and rigid foundation for a house. They can also be used in walls.

They can be used in walkways – the blocks can be fitted along a walkway to give it a natural and beautiful look.

They can be used for carving tools – the blocks are soft enough to be used in carving objects like stone articles, garden seats, and arches, among others.

They can be utilised for decoration – it is one of the most critical characteristics of sandstone blocks. They can be used for decoration purposes in many scenarios.

The sandstone block is handy in the field of building and construction. As such, it is costly, and the cost depends on the grade of the block. But it is worth it to invest in it. It is a good thing to invest in a resource that will serve you for a longer lifespan than the one which is cheap but quickly wears off.

Where to get quality sandstone blocks?

If you wish to get quality sandstone blocks, you can get in touch with a reputable company involved with making and distributing the blocks to its clients. Companies are plenty, so you should be careful with the one you select. Some factors to help you in the selection include the following:

Location – you should try to look for a company that is close to you to avoid high transportation costs. It makes sense to go for a company closer to your area of operation.

Cost – you will find out that prices differ between companies due to many reasons. Align yourself with the firm within your budget capabilities and commence with business.

Reputation – the company’s reputation matters. You need to go for a company that has been approved to do its operations by the authorities. The company must also have a good customer service history.

Tips On Getting A Printed Marquee

A printed marquee drags attention and attracts prospects. You can also use graphics in personalising your canopy and other sides of the wall as well. These units are made from 600D polyester with waterproof PVC coating. This provides enough shade and protection. In your marquee kit, you’ll find steel pins, a dust cover and tie-down straps.

Marquees have become excellent marketing tools used by companies in business promotion. They serve as effective branding and marketing tools, and the best way to do this is by making prints on the marquees.

Businesses and brands can print their designs, taglines and logos to display their products on them. Marquees have become a trend in marketing and brand display at events because of their captivating features.

There are a set of instructions for you to follow in the instruction manual. Ensure all marquee parts are in good condition before you start the setup.

Do’s and don’ts of printed marquees:

  • Ensure the dust cover is removed from the marquee before set up.
  • If there are wheels on your marquee, make sure the brakes are in the proper position.
  • Don’t drag the parts of a marquee or walk over it.
  • Avoid using stick adhesives on your marquee walls.
  • Check the heating units and make sure they aren’t facing the walls and roof of the marquee.
  • Avoid lighting fire close to a marquee.

Marquee Setup Instructions


  1. Grab the lower frame from the two sides and open a little.
  2. Hold one leg and pull out the frame extension, about three-fourth.

Attaching the Roof

  1.  Place the roof fabric above the extended frame.
  2. Attach the fastener on top of the marquee, close to the legs.
  3. Adjust the roof centre and secure the cap with strings.

Raising the roof

  1. Slide under the open structure and grab the truss bars. To do this, you’ll require the assistance of two people.
  2. Since only three-fourth of the frame was earlier opened, unfold it completely.
  3. Lift the various connectors till the pins get locked securely in position.
  4. Connect the clips on all sides and get the straps around the frame, attaching the roof to the top.

Adjusting height

  1. Extend the legs of the marquees to the height you want.
  2. Move the front legs of the marquee to any height you want.


Securing the frame

  1.  Secure the pole legs in position using weight plates made of heavy-duty steel, sandbags or steel pins in your kit.

Instructions for disassembling

Follow the steps mentioned above in reverse order to dismantle the marquee. Put these components carefully in their various bags to prevent damage. Avoid muddy areas when folding the roof and walls.

Custom Printed Marquees

It’s often difficult to stand out in the crowd. This is the case, especially when you’re outside with lots of people in other booths also craving the attention of passersby, just like you. The use of custom printed marquees is the best way to ensure you get noticed.

You can also use your images to create an excellent printed marquee, or you get a new image. It is essential to consider what is on your marquee. Checking your tent layout is another crucial factor to put into consideration. These are in various types. You can either enclose the sides of the marquee using fabric panels at different heights or leave the four sides open. Fabric panels and design canvases can also be added to your frame.


3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Custom Made House

custom made house

There are many ways of building your house, some ways include investing in a plot while the construction is done according to you. On the other hand, the other method includes buying an already made house. There are many ways of doing so but the best way to having a house ready for your family or spouse is getting the custom house ready.

While getting an already made house may be easier and you will have to spend less amount of time and energy on getting the house ready to move into, there are chances you are not able to adjust into the new house. This is because you may not be able to like the house made according to someone else’s choice. Home builders would suggest you the best ways of getting your house made and ready for moving in. And here are a few reasons why you should definitely go for a custom build house instead of an already made one:

1. Ability to Customize


Definitely when you’re making your own house, you will be getting a lot of time to customize and change whatever you like about the house. There are a lot of ways to change your house. For example, getting an extra story made or setting an attic as per your requirements. Instead of living up to someone else’s standards, you will be able to customize what you need and how you need it.

You can even develop a roof according to your choice without worrying too much. You can live in a house you have designed and altered as per your liking. You will be able to enjoy setting your room and telling the amount of space each room will have according to the number of family members you have.

2. Making Memories

There is no doubt about the fact that you will be able to make so many memories simply because you’re investing time and energy in building your own house. This is something special and unique. You will be able to remember this by for the rest of your life without worrying about what others may say. You will also be able to enjoy setting each things separately instead of having everything set on its own. There is a personalizing and making memories that you cannot deny once you’re making your own house.

3. Knowing every Bit and Corner

You need to understand that the house you make is something familiar and definitely something you can rely on. Everything you invest in is going to be something you have chosen for yourself and want to be working on. You will be able to know everything is solid and can be guaranteed for a good number of years.

Building Inspections Melbourne

What you can expect during a building inspection

Are you about to get your home or office building inspected? If you plan on selling you property or checking out of a rental property, you are expected to provide the land lord or the next buyers with a building inspection report. If you haven’t had a building inspected before, you might be wondering what actually happens during a building inspection.

The company would send in a professional who would inspect the complete building from room to room. All of the following thing would be taken into account.

  • The condition of the wall linings. Is the paint intact or peeling off? Any cracks in the wall or damp spots on the walls would be take into account
  • Doors and windows would be inspected to check for breakage or loose hinges.
  • All the hardware in your homes like door knobs and handles etc.
  • The floors would be checked for damage. If the floor is carpeted you might expect the inspector to lift the carpet and check underneath for damages.
  • All bathroom fixtures like shower heads and taps etc.
  • Any fittings in your building.
  • Phone lines and cables would be examined.
  • The kitchen would be thoroughly inspected as well. The cabinetry would be checked if it’s in order or it requires repairing or fixing.
  • The pipes and fittings in the home would also be inspected to make sure there are no leakages or if there are where is the source. Drainage from and within the building would be checked to ensure it’s in proper working order.
  • All electrical systems would be checked thoroughly. Power points, heating and cooling units as well as sockets would be inspected.
  • The area outside the building is also examined. The area outside your building up till the fence or the gate is inspected for the presence of poisonous plants or pests.
  • Building inspectors also check the building for the presence of pests like rodents and insects. If your home has an infestation, the inspector would point it out. It would be better to have the pests removed if you want a clean chit from the building inspector.

The majority of building inspections in Melbourne don’t need to be time consuming. It is usually completed within a few hours. You can expect to get the report through an email. This is the report which you would need to present to the land lord or the next tenant.

Once you have the report in hand you could make the necessary changes and repairs to ensure that your home or office building is up to the mark.

When choosing a building inspector in Melbourne make sure that they are qualified to carry out the inspection. They should have the necessary experience to make unbiased decisions when it comes to home inspections. Some inspectors offer a twelve month guarantee if there is anything which goes wrong within the first year of inspection.

New Home Builders in Hervey Bay:

Everything you need to Know

Some people spend their lifetime dreaming and fantasizing about building their dream homes. What if their dream finally comes true in one of the most prestigious destinations worldwide? What if your next dream home will be in Hervey Bay, within few minutes between observing the humpback whales and other wildlife?  For that reason, trusting a designer with your home should meet your expectations. With new home builders in Hervey Bay, your dream home will finally come to a beautiful reality.

Turning Dream into a Reality

With a wide variety of professionals that have extensive years of experience, your dream home can finally be turned into a reality near the most beautiful shores of Queensland, Australia.

Either a vintage, wooden, or a modern house, with new home builders, you can finally live in your desired home by working with the best home designers and engineers that will meet your wishes and expectations.

Achieve the Highest Quality

With new home builders in Hervey Bay, you will find a team of professionals associated with building and designing the best homes and whose names and reputation are held in the maximum regard. Yes, we know how it feels to trust an engineer who will design a different home than the one you expected, or even use low-quality material that lasts no longer than a couple years, even months! For that reason, you will luckily not be one of these!

You will discover a team of experts that pride themselves on being truthful and up front to suit your expectations and give their ideas that stem from years of experience. You will be provided with the ultimate and high-quality material at the most affordable prices. You will work with a team of experts in which their number one goal is your approval and to achieve the best and finest results.

Client Satisfaction

With new home builders in Hervey Bay, the team of professionals strives to achieve the best customer satisfaction. You will be guaranteed the best value for money with high awareness of detail on each and every step of the procedure from home ideas, to designs, to building. You will be updated and informed with each and every procedure done.

If you have no idea in mind about how you want your home to be, the team of experts will help you design the house of your dreams by giving you a lot of suggestions and by showing you extensive designs that will help you come to your final decision and choose your residence.

If you are looking at building a home in Hervey Bay, it is the best locale to have a happy beginning. Not only because of the unique and beautiful destination that is surrounded by the gifts of nature, but also because of the high team of professional home builders that will turn your expectations into a reality. Building a home can be exhausting and finding a suitable team to work with can be even more daunting. The challenges faced by homeowners are greatly understood, for that reason, the team of experts in Hervey Bay will design the finest house you are yearning to construct that will meet your expectations and more.

Builder Hervey Bay

If you are looking for the right builder in Hervey Bay, you know how important of a decision it is. Choosing the right builder could mean the difference between being happy with the results, and needing to file a lawsuit. If you are looking for the right builder, there are a few things you will need to take into consideration. Here, we will outline exactly what you need to do before choosing the builder you will use.

After you locate a few builders that you are interested in, make sure that you are ready to interview them face to face. You should also be ready for negotiating with the company to get the best deal you can. Keep in mind, even if a company has a lower rate than another does not mean they are going to provide you with the best value. Sometimes, you will have to pay a little more to get the quality of building you are looking for.

Choosing the Right Builder Hervey Bay

Choosing the right builder will take some research. You cannot just open the phone book and call a random construction company. You will need to evaluate your own budget, your own needs, and the company reputation and history. You will also want to make sure they are easy to interact with, before and after you have hired them. Some companies are polite and easy to work with until they receive your deposit. You will want to make sure that interaction does not turn sour after you have handed them a lot of money.

  • Evaluating Your Needs

When you are planning to have a home or business built, you will need to evaluate your own needs. You will need to know how many rooms you will need, what the purpose of each room will be, how much storage you will need, the types of materials you prefer, and your budget.

You should always find out if you have any wiggle room in your budget. When you approach a company, never tell them what the high end of your budget is. Always present the low end of your budget first, and slowly negotiate your way up if needed. Some materials will cost more than others, so when you are in the negotiation stage, keep in mind that they may cause a price increase.

  • Evaluate the Builder You are Considering

When you are evaluating a builder that you are considering, you should find out as much about the company you are considering. You should clearly define your needs to the company and find out exactly how much they will charge for building it.

After you have your quote in hand, do some research on the company. Find out how much experience they have in building the type of building you are looking for. Ask for references, because their experience counts when it comes to dealing with a company.

Check the company license and make sure they are up to date. You will also need to ensure that they are insured and bonded. Find out if they provide a warranty for the services they provide and what the resale value of the properties they have built are.

See if you can tour models of what they build so that you can see the quality they offer. By viewing what they have already built, and what they are proud of, you can see what standard they will provide for you. Contact these builders in Hervey Bay.